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Agriculture In Raichur District

Agriculture In Raichur District


All the five talukas mentioned above are very well irrigated, with water from the Tungabhadra Dam on the Tungabhadra River, and Narayanpura Dam on the Krishna River. Raichur is known for its paddy fields and its

rice is of extremely superior quality. Raichur has numerous rice mills which export high quality rice to different countries. It also has a good trading market in cotton industry.

Raichur has been a traditional agricultural based economy. Major agricultural produce has been Rice and Cotton. Ground nut and pulses are also produced. There are many rice processing industries and Cotton

processing industries here. Service industry located here caters to needs of the surrounding area.

The Raichur City in situated in between the Two Rivers Krishna and Tungabhadra and surrounded on three sides by Andhra Pradesh Raichur is a major cotton and Oil seeds market. Though its jurisdiction is only one

taluka, its influence covers radius of 100 to 120 Kms which includes Raichur, Sindhanoor, Manvi Deodurga and Lingasugur taluka and Maktal and Gadwal Taluks of Andhra Pradesh. The principal crops grown in this

District are cotton ground Nut, Paddy, Jowar and Sunflower etc.,

The Raichur Market was regulated in the Month of February 1934 for foodgrains, Oil Seeds and cotton under the Hyderabad Agricultural Market Act of 1939 F. In all 113 Agriculural Commodities are under regulation. Due

to irrigation facilities under Tungabhadra command area Agriculturists are raising irrigated cotton and summer crops. As this market is situated Mumbai Chennai Railway line and having other transport facilities the prices

in this market remain always attractive than in other market. Hence Agriculturists and Agricultural Dealers of different Taluks bring their goods for sale here.

Market Yard :The Market Area comprises the whole of Raichur Taluk and Deodurg Taluka. The market has a well built market Yard Known as Rajendra Gunj. Comprising 72 Acres and 3 Guntas. There are 120

Shop-Cum-Godown of Uniform paturn and Dimensions. All the shops and Godowns are owned by traders & Commission Agents. There are 410 Traders 216 Commission Agents.'

Manvi has Cotton & paddy fields irrigated by water from the Tunga Bhadra left bank canal.

Sindhanur has a vast area of paddy fields irrigated by water from the Tunga Bhadra left bank canal.In Sindhanur 65% of land is well irrigated. Rice is the main crop, grown twice a year. Other crops are cotton, jowar and bajra.

  • No. 1 Sona Masuri rice-growing taluk in Karnataka State.
  • No. 1 in tractor sales for India, with 12 dealerships selling around 1200 tractors per year.
  • Highest use of fertilizers and pesticides in Karnataka State.